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Fixed and Indexed Annuities
Securities Investment

Together with Prosperity Capital Advisors, we have access to their investment products, like "Dimensional Funds."


Prosperity Capital Advisors stands apart by being relevant, authentic and infused with the passion and skill of a leadership team that knows the value of deep relationships.


Today's fixed index annuities offer a range of features and benefits that may help you accumulate assets for retirement, preserve what you've accumulated, turn those assets into a stream of income, and help you pass on a financial legacy to your loved ones.

You might be familiar with the risk-reward concept, which states that the higher the risk of a particular investment, the higher the possible return. But many investors do not understand how to determine the risk level their individual portfolios should bear.


At Woodard & Clark, we can help you with the Risk Analysis process catered to your individual investment needs, so not only will you understand all that it entails, but you will have guidance on what can be a very intimidating process.

The Investment Audit™ is a process that is used to manage expectations, review financial options and help you align your investments to your risk profile and performance expectations.


The Investment Audit™  can be part of a more comprehensive Gameplan or a standalone process.

Financial Audit
of Current Investments

Financial and Investment Services


At Woodard & Clarkwe offer a wide variety of wealth management services for our clients.


We offer personal tax returns for $99 to our investment clients.

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